A short while ago we were discussing transporting animals on airlines.  A few days ago I received the following from American Airlines in writing and thought I would share with you.  I will try to shorten it and still get in the main things.  It states that dogs, cats and household birds that are small enough to ride in an approved kennel that fits completely beneath the seat in front of you may be brought on board domestic flights within the 48 states as well as those to and from Canada and Mexico.  The pet must be able to stand up in the kennel.  We do not require a health certificate for animals traveling with passengers, although we may refuse to carry an animal that appears ill prior to boarding.  We suggest you get a health certificate in the event one is required by the health agency at your destination.  On domestic flights we allow 7 kennels per flight, 2 in the first class cabin and a total of 5 in coach and business class combined.  On flights to and from Canada, only one pet in each cabin is allowed.  Each customer is only permitted one kennel, but 2 pets may be carried in one kennel provided the animals are the same species, are between 8 weeks and 6 months old, and have adequate ventilation and room to move about.  Pets must remain in their kennels once on board the aircraft.  With the exception of service animals and search dogs, no pets are allowed in the cabins on international flights to or from Japan, Europe and Latin America, or on flights to and from Hawaii.
 Additionally, because of strict quarantine regulations in the United Kingdom, no pets whatsoever are allowed in the cabins on flights to Great Britain.  There is a $50 one-way fee for each pet brought on board.  I thought this might be of interest to some of you.  This was not the same info I received when I called them awhile ago.  They had told me that health certificates were mandatory, and a few other discrepancies.

Nancy, Shadow Marie, Dodger, Rudy and Rocky in NY