Miniature Schnauzers On-Line List Pins

This lovely cropped-ear list pin was designed in 1997 by Lori Bush, our list’s resident schnauzer/canine artist. The concept, manufacture, sales and shipping of the list pins have been the sole province of the list treasurer, Tony Viglietti. These small round pins are made in the popular cloisonné style. They are 1-1/8″ in diameter and are made to be worn by both men and women. The pins feature a striking Miniature Schnauzer head in three-toned black & silver with white markings on a burgundy open style frame.

Gold letters proudly declare:


In 2000, Lori designed the new natural-ear list pin in honor of our members (European and otherwise) whose miniature schnauzers wear their ears un-cropped. Except for the ears, the two pins are identical.

In 2002, Lori scanned the pins and touched them up for web display.

Wearing a list pin is a great way to identify yourself to other list members at shows, schnauzer walks, etc. They make it easy for your online friends to “spot” you. With their quality well in excess of their small price, these pins have been extremely well-received! Every miniature schnauzer lover will want one in their favorite style. Those who collect miniature schnauzer paraphernalia will want them both.

The pins are sold for $15 in mainland United States, with actual additional mailing charges added to those sent elsewhere. To find out the actual cost of your shipping charges, just post Tony at [email protected] with your location. Checks should be made payable to the Schnauzer List Pin Fund and sent to Tony via snail mail.

Anthony J. Viglietti
Schnauzer List Pin
1306 Haysboro Av.
Nashville, TN 37216-1410

Tony has received orders for around 500 list pins since the project started in fall 1997 and he has successfully delivered each of them to their new owners. He has done all this as his gift to the list! Thanks Tony!

This beautiful pin is available to anyone who loves miniature schnauzers. The profits go toward our continuing efforts to support miniature schnauzer rescue, special miniature schnauzer health projects, and other benevolent breed undertakings. And, of course, they fund the list’s web page here at MINSCHNAUZER.COM.

Join with the Moderators in Thanking Lori and Tony who Made it all Possible!