Introducing U-CDX Dynasty’s No Matter What, UDX, NA, NAJ!!!!!!!!! Miss Mattie Armstrong completed her 10th leg today at the shows in Idaho Falls to complete our long-awaited (and my very first) UDX. 194 in utility too, her best yet. It’s also Mattie’s 7th birthday today. Jalynn was there and a few members from the Helena club too. I’m so very proud of my little Matt Brat! She says hi to Auntie Gwen “remember that first time you groomed me?” and hi to Auntie Lynn “remember the time I came to visit you in your ring?”

Dianne Armstrong [email protected]
Mattie “I kicked butt! It’s my birthday! Where’s my presents, cookies, etc?”
Rainy, puppy in training who wanted to compete too in the worst way.

August 2007

Erika finished her RAE on Saturday, and got her first leg towards the next one on Sunday. Erika loves to do Rally, sometimes too much because she gets excited and semi-wild, as she did this weekend, so our scores were not what I know we were capable of, but they were enough to qualify and get the green ribbons. We did better (and worse) the first of the month at my obedience club’s trial on April Fool’s day. That day we were the first in the ring in Excellent at 8:00 am and she broke the honor for the first time ever (I took my attention off of her and put it on the next exhibitor in the ring who was having severe difficulties – so it was both of our fault). But after that, she performed well the rest of the day, getting a 98 and first place in Rally Advanced. Our club had two trials in one day and she scored a 96 in both Excellent and Advanced for fourth place in both classes.

Lexie got her first four RAE legs at the two trials, and had a lot of fun in the mean time. The two girls and I keep busy with agility classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and obedience/rally on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am hoping to be able to enter both of them in both obedience and agility at the Speciality in Portland next January.

Kaye in OKC with
Erika, CD, RAE, CGC and TDI Therapy Dog and
Lexie, RE, CGC
May, 2007